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Commercial Inspections

Memphis Inspections Service works to meet your needs. We can work independently or with your team, including property management companies, realtors and owners to provide exceptional service, unsurpassed in the Mid-South area.

Licensed & Bonded serving West Tennessee and North Mississippi, Memphis Inspections Services provides detailed, thorough reports on preventive maintenance, general property conditions, energy audits, maintenance issues and work with clients to meet specific goals and objectives. Our reports are clear, concise, easy to read and easy to understand.

  • Energy Audits with Thermal Digital Photography
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Foreclosure Inspections
  • Sitework Verification
  • Insurance Inspections




Adherence to ASTM Standards of Practice & Ethics.

  1. PCAs (Property Condition Assessments)
  2. Document Review (drawings, maintenance records, etc)
  3. Property Walk-thru survey
  4. Costs for repairs recommended
  5. Estimates of remaining useful life for components
  6. Documentation of findings, including digital photos
  7. Secure Online access to reports
  8. Commercial Property Inspections (Performing & Non-Performing Loans)
  9. Commercial Property Analysis
  10. Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) Inspections
  11. Mortgage Inspections
  12. Loan Origination Inspections
  13. Loan Assumption Due Diligence
  14. Loan Modification Due Diligence
  15. Buyers Due Diligence
  16. Sellers Due Diligence
  17. Underwriting Site Inspections
  18. Annual Servicing Inspections
  19. Capital Improvement Confirmation
  20. Loss Mitigation
  21. Loss Draft / Insurance Loss Inspections
  22. Asset Management Due Diligence
  23. Portfolio Reviews
  24. Acquisition Inspections, Acquisition Due Diligence
  25. Disposition Inspections
  26. Equity Monitoring Services
  27. Market Studies
  28. Project Feasibility Studies
  29. Special Due Diligence Inspections
  30. Photo Only Assignments
  31. Custom Commercial Real Estate Consulting Projects


  1. Verification of occupancy
  2. Documentation of visual components/materials
  3. Document work completed / material delivery verification
  4. Exterior condition of property
  5. Exterior photos of property
  6. Verification of address of property
  7. Neightborhood Assessment
  8. Secure Online access to reports


Documentation provided for insurance claims. Thermal digital imaging photography with fusion available – this is particularly useful for electrical leaks, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, can eliminate future mold/mildew claims if you can accurately determine area is dry after clean-up.

  1. Detailed Inspection Report.
  2. Digital photos, including thermal digital imaging photos, if requested 
  3. Complete confidentiality.



Preventive Maintenance Visual Documentation is especially useful for plumbing and electrical issues. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, regulations have mandated new standards. Using our thermal digital imaging and energy audit software, Memphis Inspections Service can assist businesses in meeting these qualifications.

December 21, 2007

Regulations to Increase Energy Efficiency in New Federal Buildings by 30%

DOE announced on December 21st that it had established regulations that require all new federal buildings, as well as low-rise residential buildings that were constructed on or after January 3, 2007, to achieve at least 30% greater energy efficiency than that of the prevailing building codes. These new standards are also 40% more efficient than the current Code of Federal Regulations and will help federal agencies meet Executive Order #13423, which mandated increased federal energy efficiency. Over the next ten years, these standards could save more than 40 trillion Btu and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2 million metric tons.

Federal commercial, multi-family high-rise residential buildings, and low-rise residential buildings are all included under these new regulations. The new standards aim to address energy efficiency by looking at a building’s entire performance, instead of relying on prescriptive requirements for building components and systems. The high standards put forth in these regulations will also encourage federal builders to use an integrated approach when constructing new buildings. See the DOE press release.

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