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Money mouth Get Green instead!  Memphis Inspection Services provides Energy Audits using our thermal digital imaging camera to assist our clients lower utility bills and save our earth’s resources for future generations. For additional information on one such green service that may be recommended, click on this link to Get Green Memphis.

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Better Homes & Gardens:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 9, 2008: 

Lisa Archer, owner of Memphis Inspections Service, spoke recently at the Nashville Convention Center at the Living Green Home.  Better Homes & Gardens magazine and Green Works, launched The Green Living Tour and Exhibit in February, 2008 and it is hosted by one of the nation’s most renowned renovation specialists, Steven J. Whittle. This 15-city program is promoting resources, energy efficiency and everyday environmental practices to help consumers save money, live healthier and conserve natural resources.


The tour features a traveling 2,500 square foot Better Homes and Gardens “Living Green Home” highlighting four functional eco-friendly rooms, integrated throughout with green products, materials and appliances. Environmental experts are on hand to share how small changes can make a big “green” impact. The tour markets include New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Phoenix and Las Vegas. It is anticipated the Living Green Tour and Exhibit will reach over one million show attendees. “Our consumers are passionate about home and keenly interested in everyday practices for living green,” says Gayle Butler, Editor in Chief of Better Homes and Gardens.” This exhibit extends our green coverage beyond our magazine pages and website, offering customers a hands-on opportunity to learn realistic steps to save money, save energy and minimize their impact on the environment. 


Lisa Archer, Environmental Education Specialist, stated, “When a representative from Better Homes and Gardens asked me to share some ideas about ways we advise our clients can make simple changes in their homes with our Energy Audits and our Thermal Digital Imaging Photography, I was thrilled.  I have been serving on the national board for United Methodist Women which has a very strong Green Team and I always jump at the chance to share ways to make homes and businesses be more eco-friendly, use less energy, reduce their costs and save the earth’s resources.”


Memphis Inspections Service has worked in the Mid-south with many companies to help them discover new ways to save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Lisa stated, “It’s easy to find a lot of information on the internet about tips on saving on your utility bill, it’s not easy to know where to start and specifically where in your home or business to make changes.” The thermal camera visually tells the story of exactly how a particular building or home is losing energy like an MRI.  Their clients receive a checklist along with color photos pinpointing areas of concern, specific places to add weather stripping or caulk (as opposed to the generic suggestion to caulk and seal all windows and doors which might take weeks or a great deal of money). It shows electrical overloads which could lead to a fire, moisture from roof and plumbing problems and leaking HVAC. Lisa stated, “Sometimes, along with their energy audit, there’s an unexpected finding. We have had clients who had leaks they didn’t know about until they had our energy audit. Some businesses are implementing strategic plans to “become greener” but the energy audit is an amazing tool to help them to work smarter and use their dollars more wisely.” 

For additional information, contactLisa Archer, Memphis Inspections Service, LLC(901) 734-0555

Home Information Websites

April Aire.  Creates products for healthier, fresher and cleaner indoor air.

ASHI. Septic System Information.  This site has a great deal of information regarding septic systems and water wells that will help our clients.

EPA Information which includes information on asbestos, clean-up, Lead, Mold, etc.

Consumer Safety & Recalls from swimming pools to items in the home

Federal Pacific Panels.  Fires waiting to happen, debate waiting to be ended…

Polybutylene plumbing in homes .

Pool Safety. The rules of Tennessee Department of Health Bureau of Health Services for Swimming Pools are on this website. Information regarding regulations about self-closing mechanisms are located at the bottom of page 6.

Radon: There is generally not a radon problem in this part of the country, but we are able to do testing if you feel there is a need or if your insurance company or relocation company requires radon testing.  if you’d like to read more information about it, click this link.

Second Wind.  Uses ultraviolet light to create products for healthier, fresher and cleaner indoor air.

Water & Soil Testing: Memphis Inspections Service can sample the water and utilizes microbiologists to perform the water testing for your home, well or septic system.

Water Heaters:

TPR (Temperature Relief Valve). In normal operation of the water heater and T&P relief valve, no water should be discharged from the valve. Click on this link for additional information about Temperature Relief Valves.

Drain pan size (2006). The drain pan must limit the water level to a maximum depth of 2-1/2 inches and be two inches wider than the heater and piped into an adequate drain.


Go Green Services.  Go Green is a family owned business. Home Improvements & Repairs. Reliable, honest, affordable and exceptional Service.

Ferrell Tree Service.  Ferrell’s Tree Service is a family owned and operated business. Tree trimming, Tree removal, Stump Grinding, Superior Landscape design and installation.

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