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We consider referrals from our friends, clients and associates to be the greatest compliment that we could receive. Thank you for keeping our company in mind whenever a referral opportunity presents itself.


Michele B., Memphis, TN on a Seller’s Inspection
“We needed to sell our home quickly and in today’s sagging market, we didn’t want a bad inspection report to slow down the process, scare away any potential buyers, or allow a buyer to pull a contract. Having an inspection done when we listed our home allowed us to learn of any big issues and fix them before we received an offer and let buyers know we cared for the home making sure to leave it in good working order. We even used it in marketing the home, indicating to buyers we had completed an inspection and repairs.
Steve was great to work with and answered our questions as we made repairs. It was nice to have a good relationship with the inspector so we knew what an inspector looked for in home issues and the appropriate way to complete repairs. This way if the buyers still wanted their own inspection, we knew we did the repairs right.”
Buyer’s Inspections:
Wayne C., Memphis, TN, Investor
“Thank you for the thorough, comprehensive inspection report. I don’t believe I have ever seen a better example!  Now I need to explore the cost associated with the repairs needed. Your report is perfect for that. Thanks again and I will definitely be calling you again for your services.”
Mona Lisa M., Memphis, TN
“We are very grateful for your thoroughness and time. Your company definitely exceeded our expectations.”

Catherine B, Memphis, TN

“…Steve: Thank you for sending this thorough and comprehensive report! I appreciate your professional services. I was charmed by this residence on first sight, and so am doubly appreciative of your expertise in ferreting out the chinks (both literal and figurative!). Gratefully, Catherine

Jason G.., Collierville, TN

“…Thank you very much for getting this done so quickly!!!!”


Elizabeth S., Cordova, TN

“…We would like to thank you for your prompt response and professionalism, We will close on our home today!!! …Again, thank you for your professional service! I will give high reviews!!”

Carrie C., Memphis, TN (Realtor)

“…VERY Impressive inspection report!!! I’ve never seen one this thorough. Just wanted to say “thank you” and I am extremely pleased with your service, and will most certainly be sending you more business!!!…”


Rickey A., Cordova, TN

“…Thanks for your help, assistance and service. You were and are a great deal of help to homeowners and myself not knowing about these key elements of homes. Thanks a lot…”




Farees F., Germantown, TN

“…I did receive the link and reviewed the report. I was very pleased with your detailed and thorough inspection…”


Adrienne H., Memphis, TN

“…Thanks again for everything yesterday. Your inspection was really thorough and we appreciate that. You truly showed me the absolute invaluable service you provide and I will never buy or sell another house without an inspection. Thank you again for allowing me to follow you around so I could learn more about my home, tips for taking care of it and what needs to be fixed.  Thanks so much,…”


Beth B., Collierville, TN

“…I got the report and you do a fantastic job! The onsite inspection was so thorough and the website is wonderful…”

Priscilla P., Millington, TN

“…Using your inspection company was one of the easiest and most rewarding decisions we have ever made. We are so grateful for your business sense and the way you made everything so easy for us. You all have provided us with a great experience that we will make sure to pass on to anyone who needs inspection services…”

Larry R., Memphis, TN


“Be sure to tell Steve how we were impressed by his and your professionalism and thoroughness regarding the setting up and completing the home inspection for our new (old) home…

Amy A., Collierville, TN

“You did a great job! The report was awesome. Very professional – we will definitely recommend you in the future.

Benny H., Bartlett, TN

“We really appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism.

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